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Why You Should Listen to The OKR Podcast


Leaders want to unlock their full organization's growth potential, leveraging the OKR technique and other cutting-edge strategies. 

There is a dearth of information on how to do them well and reap their full benefit of OKR's.  That's where this podcast comes in! 

We're here to help you accelerate the outcomes and foster a growth and outcomes culture. 

In this episode we interview host Deidre Paknad on the direction the podcast will go and what to expect as you tune in for each episode! 


You're listening to the Okur podcast, a show for leaders who want to unlock their organizations growth potential by leveraging the okaur technique and other cutting edge strategies. While many recognize the power of objectives and key results, okay ours, to accelery outcomes and foster a growth and outcomes culture, there's a dearth of information on how to do them well and reap their full benefit. That's where this podcast comes in. Will help you learn to align and measure results pervasively, manage fast, to grow fast and, most importantly, achieve the powerful objectives you've identified. Here's your host, day dread pack not welcome to the introductory episode of the Okaur podcast. We are here today with Daydrea pacnt, the founder and CEO of Work Board. How are you today, day dread? I'm terriffic. Thank you. To give everyone a little bit more context, my name is Carrie Roberts, I'm one of the producers of the show and... I'll be talking to daydrea about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jump in, Daydrea, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Yeah, I'm CEO and Co founder at Work Board and WORKPORT is my third venture company as CEO. So I've had the opportunity to build and grow several startup organizations from a blank white board to velocity, and I've also run a large business at IBM after they bought my last company. So I've seen growth from both very large enterprise and from very early enterprises. That are as they grow up, and that Perspective on growth of course led me to start work board and to build this business and, frankly, to start this podcast. I love it and that's so incredible. Congratulations on accomplishing all of that with your current company, workboard, that's producing this podcast. What did they do and what are you guys about? So workboard provides a strategy and results management platform and provides Ok our coaching and... to help organizations more effectively align and drive accountability around their strategic priorities. We run a very popular okay our coach Certification Program that's certified about six hundred Ok our coaches in our business partners at but predominantly in our large customers at companies like Cisco and Microsoft, Work Day and others. And, as you can see, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we bring company strategic priorities to life, help organizations realize their strategies faster, using alignment, accountability and OK ours as a vehicle. And why did you want to start this podcast at this time? I have a lot of conversations with see yeos and general managers of business units in large enterprise and they have the same set of problems and often have the same strategic priorities and they've got the same set...

...of questions about how do we get the organization moving more quickly, how do we create velocity? How do we fundamentally drive SMART, fast growth? And as we talk about Okrs and rolling them out, the same questions recur in each of those conversations and through the podcast want to bring those questions and some answers and insight about them to a broader group of people, to a broader audience. And so what can listeners expect to hear when they're listening to each episode of this show? Some very real from the road experience about how to launch an OK our initiative, how to bring it to its full cruising altitude and how to get the benefits from it. That all includes really common questions and answers around what are typical company objectives and do we include run and grow Okrs or just growth? Should we do it the same way Google does it, or are there differences for mature enterprises? And how do we use team...

...okurs versus individual O Krs? Really the kinds of detailed questions and answers that unlock growth and unlock speed for organizations. We want to bring those answers forward in this podcast. Listeners can all to expect to hear from a variety of companies, the chiefs of Staff, the CEO, the GM, the svp of business innovation, each of them talking about what they've learned, how their companies evolved, the cultural changes in impacts they see from their Ok our initiatives, and I think that depth and perspective will bring more insight to everyone who's thinking about ways to drive smart, fast growth. I love it. How can listeners connect with you in case they have an idea for an episode or maybe a guess they would love to see featured on the show? We would welcome that. You can reach me at day dree at workboardcom. That's DEI dre at Workboardcoom, or reach me on Linkedin and give me a message there,...

...and I'd be happy to connect and love to include the questions and answers you're seeking on this podcast. Thank you so much. That wraps up our introductory episode. Day Dream will be taking over the reins for episode one and beyond. Thank you so much, day dream. I'm really excited to see this show grow and I think it's going to add a ton of value to your listeners. Thank you. We're excited to you've been listening to the OKA our podcast. Subscribe in your favorite player so you never miss a moment. Thanks for listening. Until next time,.

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